Boy, New York Stock Exchange escalated quickly

In just 20 minutes the New York Stock Exchange had witnessed it’s biggest stock plunge in decades. It was 6 May 2010, when the index lost almost 9% of its value – in a sequences of events that quickly became known as „flash crash“. Hundreds of billions of dollars were wiped off… The market rapidly regained its composure and closed 3% lower. There are still speculations about what might have caused the rout, with explanations ranging from fat fingered trading, to Chicago Derviate Exchange, to Navinder Singh Sarao the „Lone Trader“, Spoofing, e-mini to cyberattack.

Will Ferrell: Anchorman 1 by Adam McKay, 2004, Jill Treanor, 22.04.2015, Kara Scannell and Philip Stafford, 24.04.2015