Nothing to see in Fukushima!

Nearly seven years after a powerful tsunami caused catastrophic damage to Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear-power plant (TEPCO), the clean-up and recovery is still ongoing… Waves knocked out power and triggered meltdowns at three of the site’s six reactors that spewed radiation, forcing 160.000 residents to flee, many of whom have not returned…. The cooling and continuing seepage has created vast amounts of toxic water that TEPCO must pump out, decontaminate and store in tanks at Fukushima that now number 1.000, holding 1 million tonnes. It says it will run out of space by early 2021.

The Naked Gun I by David Zucker, 1988, Aaron Sheldrick, Malcolm Foster, 08.03.2018, Bruce Drinkwater, 09.01.2018